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The Incredible Hulk ran from 1996-1997 and lasted for two seasons. The show had a total of 21 episodes and was set in the same universe as Fantastic Four: The Animated Series and Iron-Man: The Animated Series.

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Episode list[]

Season 1

  • The Return of the Beast Part 1
  • The Return of the Beast Part 2
  • Raw Power
  • Helping Hand, Iron Fist
  • Innocent Blood
  • Man to Man, Beast to Beast
  • Doomed
  • Fantastic Fortitude
  • Mortal Bounds
  • And the Wind Cries Wendigo
  • Darkness and Light Part 1
  • Darkness and Light Part 2
  • Darkness and Light Part 3

Season 2

  • Hulk of a Different Color
  • Down Memory Lane
  • Mind Over Anti-Matter
  • They Call Me Mr Fixit
  • Fashion Warriors
  • Hollywood Rocks
  • The Lost Village
  • Mission Incredible

Behind the scenes[]

The Incredible Hulk was shown weekly on the UPN network with Lou Ferrigno, the person who played the Hulk in live action Hulk television series from the 1970's, playing the voice of the Hulk. During the second season, She-Hulk was added as a character in an attempt to make the show more appealing to female viewers and the show was re-named 'The Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk'.

The show was later shown on ABC Family and Toon Disney (before the channel became Disney XD and the show was aired on this channel as well). In 2008, the first season of The Incredible Hulk was sold on DVD in the UK and in 2010, season 2 was finally made available on DVD.