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St. John Allerdyce is also known as the mutant villain, Pyro.


Pyro was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants when Rogue was a member and continued to serve in the group after she left. Pyro, the rest of the Brotherhood and other mutants, were captured on Genosha but later freed by the X-Men and Cable. Pyro and his team mate Avalanche later attempted to kidnap Dr Gottfried Adler on Muir Island but realised that it was Mystique in disguise. The pair were then chased off by Rogue and Cable. The Brotherhood later attempted to assassinate Senator Kelly but they were stopped by the X-Men and Bishop. Pyro and the Brotherhood later fought the X-Men again when Mystique tried to gain Rogue back, managing to unleash Ms Marvel from her mind.

Alternate Reality Versions[]

Age of Apocalypse[]

Pyro is seen as part of the mutant rebellion.