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The Shi'ar Imperial Guard are a group of guards who are loyal to whoever is ruler of the Shi'ar Empire.


The Imperial Guard were sent by Emperor D'Ken Neramani to locate his sister Lilandra Neramani and the M'Kraan Crystal. This search brought them to Earth where they first met the X-Men. After D'Ken received the crystal and used its power towards his own evil ends, the Imperial Guard turned on him, helping the X-Men and Starjammers to fight against him. Later, when the Dark Phoenix caused a supernova, Empress Lilandra sent the Imperial Guard to arrest and execute Jean Grey, the host of the Phoenix. Professor X managed to persuade Lilandra to instead hold a fight to the death between the Imperial Guard and the X-Men. The Imperial Guard were winning until Jean managed to kill herself after the Phoenix re-emerged within her.

One of the Imperial Guard members, Oracle, was kidnapped by Apocalypse for his Lazarus Chamber but she was freed by the combined efforts of the X-Men, Bishop and Cable.