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The Shadow King is a psychic mutant who lives by possessing hosts.


The Shadow King, under the guise of 'Amahl Farouk', once enslaved a young Ororo Munroe to be a thief for him. Charles Xavier followed the girl to Farouk and had a psychic duel with the villain, trapping him in the astral plane. Years later, the Shadow King escaped the astral plane and possessed MjNari, the god-son of Ororo, now the X-Man, Storm. Shadow King lured Storm to Africa and tried to possess her but he was tricked back into the astral plane and trapped there again. Shadow King later managed to possess Xavier, who had suffered an accident, and left the X-Man's consciousness in the astral plane. Xavier managed to lure the Shadow King back to the astral plane and the two fought, leaving Xavier the winner and Shadow King trapped once again.