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Robert LeBeau, better known as 'Bobby', is a member of the Thieves Guild and the brother of the X-Man, Gambit.


Bobby and his brother Remy both grew up in New Orleans as part of the 'Thieves Guild'. When Bobby became the 'Chosen One' of the Thieves to deliver the tithe to the X-Ternal, he was kidnapped by Remy's ex-fiancé, Bella Donna Boudreaux. Remy, now known as 'Gambit', came back to New Orleans to allow Bobby to be freed and the Thieves to place their tithe, while Gambit was held by Bella Donna. Bobby returned to the Thieves, who were now joined by the X-Men and they set off to place the tithe to the X-Ternal. Gambit, Bella Donna and the Assassins' Guild arrived and Gambit revealed that Bella Donna had given the Thieves a fake tithe. The X-Ternal was able to punish Bella Donna and Gambit left Bobby and the Thieves Guild, forever.