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Dr. Mariah Crawford is also known as, Calypso.


After her colleague, James Reeves, had vanished, Mariah lead a team to Africa to search for him. Once in Africa, Mariah hired Sergei Kravinoff as their protector and guide. Mariah eventually found James who revealed he had taken an unknown formula which turned him into a wild, feral beast. James handed the formula over to Mariah and fled. Over time, Mariah and Sergei became very close and fell in love. When Sergei was gravely injured fighting off a pack of hyenas, Mariah gave the formula to Sergei as a last resort which healed him but turned him into a beast similar to James. Sergei began to call himself 'Kraven the Hunter'.

Mariah escaped to New York to try and find a cure for Sergei but he followed, believing her to be cheating on him with another man. When Mariah was confronted by Kraven, she was rescued by Spider-Man and taken to Robbie Robertson's house for safety. But Mariah was eager to return to her research and so she soon left after Spider-Man took his leave. Mariah and Spider-Man then travelled to Central Park Zoo to confront Kraven, who had kidnapped Robbie. Mariah later administered a cure she had manufactured on Kraven after he was defeated. This tunred him back into Sergei Kravinoff and soon after both Mariah and Sergei travelled back to Africa.

Mariah and Sergei later returned to New York when Spider-Man developed his genetic mutation disease and mutated into the Man-Spider. Alongside Sergei and the Punisher, Mariah was able to tackle the Man-Spider and administer a treatment which reverted the monster back into Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

Mariah later became ill when a disease struck the area of Africa where her and Sergei were staying. Sergei gave her the formula which turned him into Kraven in the hopes that it would save Mariah's life. It did but, similar to what happened to Sergei, Mariah was transformed into a wild beast named 'Calypso'. Calypso escaped back to New York City and Sergei was forced to become Kraven again to tackle Calypso. In New York, Kraven, Spider-Man and Debra Whitman teamed up to create a cure for Calypso, like the one Mariah used on Kraven. Calypso was eventually subdued and reverted back to Mariah. Again, Mariah and Sergei returned to Africa.


  • Powers: Enhanced Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Senses (as Calypso)
  • Relatives: Unknown
  • First Appearance: Kraven the Hunter
  • Last Appearance: Partners in Danger Part 4: Return of Kraven