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Kiyoek is a member of a Northern Canadian Inuit tribe that was visited by Wolverine and Sabretooth.


After Wolverine had arrived in his village, Kiyoek became jealous of the mutant and his sudden rise in popularity with the tribe. Kiyoek later bumped into Sabretooth in the nearby forest and the two plotted to get rid of Wolverine. Later, Kiyoek led Wolverine out of the village while Sabretooth kidnapped all the villagers. When the pair returned, they realised the villagers were taken and the village itself was burned down. Kiyoek felt ashamed as he only wanted Wolverine gone, not for his friends and family to be kidnapped. Kiyoek set off with Wolverine to find the villagers, who were tied up to an ice bridge with some dynamite. When the pair found the villagers and Sabretooth, the two fought the villainous mutant and managed to free the villagers. Kiyoek then left with his fellow villagers to find a new life in the cities as their home had been destroyed.