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Joseph 'Robbie' Robertson is a reporter for the Daily Bugle.


Robbie was childhood friends with Lonnie Lincoln. The two tried to rob a grocery store but the police arrived and Robbie escaped, leaving Lonnie to take all the blame. Lonnie was sent to a Young Offenders Institute for a while and when he got out he wanted revenge on Robbie. Lonnie lured Robbie to a chemical plant where he planned to frame his friend in a robbery attempt. However, Lonnie fell into a vat of chemicals and was presumed dead.

In later life Robbie got a job at the Daily Bugle and got married to Martha Robertson and together they have a son named Randy Robertson. Robbie later learned that Lonnie survived the fall into the chemicals and became the super-powered albino enforcer named 'Tombstone'. Tombstone managed to get Randy in his gang but Spider-Man was able to defeat Tombstone and save Randy. Robbie was later framed and sent to prison but Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson, Robbie's boss, managed to find evidence that proved his innocence. Robbie attended the wedding of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

Alternate Reality Versions[]


Robbie was seen alongside Jameson in this reality, being attacked by Green Goblin and Hobgoblin.


Robbie was seen at the celebratory dinner of this reality's Spider-Man.


  • Powers: None
  • Relatives:
    • Martha Robertson (wife)
    • Randy Robertson (son)
  • First Appearance: Night of the Lizard
  • Last Appearance: Spider Wars Part 2: Farewell Spider-Man