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Jason Macendale Jr is also known as the super-villain, Hobgoblin.


Once a petty crook, Jason was outfitted by Norman Osborn with a glider, costume and weapons to become the Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin was hired to take out Kingpin but this assassination attempt was foiled by Peter Parker who later changed into Spider-Man and fought off the villain. Hobgoblin returned to Osborn and was then fired. Travelling to Fisk's headquarters, Hobgoblin found out his secret identity as the Kingpin of Crime and was hired by the crime lord to get revenge on Norman. Hobgoblin kidnapped Harry Osborn, inadvertently putting Aunt May in the hospital. When the villain was refused payment by Kingpin, Hobgoblin went pack to Norman who outfitted the goblin with new weapons and an improved glider. With this new equipment, Hobgoblin faced Spider-Man again, who was at OsCorp at the time, and seemingly finished the wall-crawler off.

After the fight, Hobgoblin travelled back to Kingpin's base where the crime lord revealed that he knew of Hobgoblin's betrayal to Norman. Kingpin's guards tried to take out Hobgoblin, the villain retaliated and believed that Kingpin had perished in the crossfire. In reality, Kingpin and Alistair Smythe escaped. Hobgoblin proclaimed himself the new Kingpin of Crime, but later had to deal with a joint attack from Spider-Man, Kingpin, Smythe and Norman. Hobgoblin was forcefully removed from his self-appointed position as Kingpin of Crime and crashed into the sea.

Hobgoblin later allied with Herbert Landon, in his attempt to eradicate all mutants. Spider-Man managed to track and defeat the goblin who informed the villain of Landon's plot. While Spider-Man and Wolverine were trying to save Beast, Hobgoblin inadvertently caused Landon to fall into a vat of mutagenic chemicals, which caused the corrupt businessman to turn into a giant energy-absorbing creature. While Spider-Man and the X-Men were fighting the creature, Hobgoblin made his escape.

After a while, Jason and Felicia Hardy began dating and eventually became engaged. At this time, the Green Goblin had acquired a device called the 'Time Dilation Accelerator'. Hobgoblin and Green Goblin fought over the device but when Hobgoblin's secret identity as Jason Macendale Jr was discovered, both he and Felicia were kidnapped by the Green Goblin. Spider-Man managed to save the pair and they immediately called off their engagement. Jason was then taken into custody.

Alternate Reality Versions[]


This reality's version of the Hobgoblin teamed with Green Goblin, Kingpin and Spider-Carnage.


  • Powers: Costume, glider ad variety of weapons
  • Relatives: Unknown
  • First Appearance: Hobgoblin Part 1
  • Last Appearance: Spider Wars Part 1: I Really, Really Hate Clones