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The Insidious Six are a group of super-villains who work for the Kingpin.


After Kingpin organized the break out of Chameleon, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, Rhino, Scorpion and Shocker from prison, the villains decided to band together and form the Insidious Six in an effort to try and eliminate their common enemy, Spider-Man. The six decided to target Peter Parker, as he had taken many pictures of Spider-Man for the Daily Bugle and so they reasoned that he would know how to get to the hero. As a result, the villains kidnapped Aunt May, forcing Peter to go in as Spider-Man, even though his powers were waning at the time.

Spider-Man arrived but the six were easily able to defeat and unmask him. However, due to the hero not using his powers very well, The Insidious Six thought that Peter was just pretending to be Spider-Man. The villains then used Peter to lure Spider-Man to them but he managed to escape and rescue his Aunt May. Silvermane then launched a mob war on Kingpin and so the six kidnapped the old mob boss. Spider-Man saved Silvermane and managed to defeat the six, who then disbanded.

Later, when Kingpin was interested in recovering the Red Skull's Doomsday Device, he reformed the Insidious Six, with Vulture replacing the now-deceased Mysterio. The six fought against Spider-Man and the Six American Warriors, searching for keys which would access the doomsday device. The Insidious Six located the keys and accessed the Doomsday Device but Chameleon betrayed them, revealing that was loyal to his step-father, Red Skull. Together, Chameleon and Rheinholt Kragov released Red Skull from his vortex prison but also accidentally released Captain America as well. The six disbanded after Rheinholt was transformed into Electro and thwarted Kingpin's efforts.