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The Horsemen of Apocalypse are a team of brainwashed mutants, made to serve Apocalypse.


The Horsemen first came to be when Mystique, posing as Dr Gottfried Adler, was advertising her research into a cure for mutantcy and enticed many mutants to receive this 'cure'. In fact, this supposed 'cure' was actually a treatment to enslave mutants and turn them into Horsemen. Soon after the first four Horsemen were under Apocalypse's control, they were sent to Paris to disrupt a meeting of the world's leaders. The X-Men managed to arrive and stop the Horsemen, later following the quartet back to Apocalypse's base. There, the X-Men and Apocalypse and the Horsemen fought until Rogue managed to touch Archangel, the Horseman of Death, and absorb his evil and brainwashing. Archangel, free of Apocalypse's control, turned on the other Horsemen and fled.

During a trip back to Ancient Egypt, Apocalypse had another team of Horsemen, dressed in more traditional Egyptian clothes, who guarded Apocalypse's Lazarus Chamber. After Apocalypse's banishment to the Astral Plane, Fabian Cortez tried to bring back his master by turning Caliban into a Fifth Horseman, but this plan failed and Apocalypse ended up inhabiting Cortez's body.