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Herbert Wyndham is also known as the super-powered, High Evolutionary.


Some time in the past, the High Evolutionary fought Garokk in the Savage Land and placed his soul in a statue.

Years later, the High Evolutionary became the master of Wundagore Mountain and created the New Men, animal-human hybrids. When Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were just babies, they were left at Wundagore Mountain and taken care of by Lady Bova. Decades later, the fully grown mutant twins returned to Wundagore Mountain to find out about their parents. High Evolutionary and Lady Bova directed them to Magneto and they found out he was their father. High Evolutionary then sent the New Men to capture the three mutants. Wolverine intervened and was captured also. High Evolutionary managed to turn Wolverine into a beast-man and planned to use mutant DNA to repeat the procedure on all humans. When Beast arrives, along with other X-Men, High Evolutionary orders the New Men to bring him instead but he and his plans are defeated. High Evolutionary and the New Men escape into space and Wolverine's transformation is reversed.