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Herbert Landon is now the assistant to the Kingpin.


In the past, Herbert had worked with Henry McCoy on research to cure mutants of their powers. However, Henry learned to love his mutancy and so joined the X-Men as 'Beast'. Landon carried on the research in the Brand Corporation, secretly plotting to eradicate all mutants.

When Hobgoblin found out Landon's true goals, he blackmailed Landon so that he would keep his mouth shut but later betrayed the villain. Landon's men then kidnapped Beast and Landon aimed to expose his former colleague to a chemical which was designed to kill mutants. However, Landon was accidentally exposed to this chemical, which turned him into a energy-sucking creature which would continuously grow in size. This creature was eventually defeated by the joint efforts of the X-Men and Spider-Man. Landon was returned to normal except one half of his body still resembled a monstrous form.

Some time after, Landon replaced Alistair Smythe as the Kingpin's second-in-command and was the one who turned Smythe into the Ultimate Spider Slayer. However, Spider-Man and Smythe teamed up to fight against Kingpin and Landon and free Smythe's father, Spencer Smythe, who was previously thought dead. Landon was only responsible for recreating the Super Soldier Serum and giving Felicia Hardy her 'Black Cat' powers. Landon was also partly responsible for the return of Morbius, having funded an expedition to find him.


  • Powers: Formerly: Energy Absorption, Energy Blasts, Enhanced Growth
  • Relatives: Unknown
  • First Appearance: Neogenic Nightmare Part 4: Mutant Agenda
  • Last Appearance: Six Forgotten Warriors Part 4: Six Fight Again