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Fantastic Four: The Animated Series

Fantastic Four: The Animated Series ran from 1994-1996 with only two seasons. The show had 26 episodes in total, 13 each season and was set in the same universe as Iron-Man: The Animated Series and The Incredible Hulk.

Episode list[]

Season 1

Season 2

  • And A Blind Man Shall Leave Him
  • The Inhumans Saga Part 1: And the Wind Cries Medusa
  • The Inhumans Saga Part 2: The Inhumans Among Us
  • The Inhumans Saga Part 3: Beware the Hidden Land
  • Worlds Within Worlds
  • To Battle the Living Planet
  • Prey of the Black Panther
  • When Galactus Calls
  • Nightmare in Green
  • Behold a Distant Star
  • Hopelessly Impossible
  • The Sentry Sinister
  • Doomsday

Behind the scenes[]

Fantastic Four and Iron-Man were shown weekly on Fox Kids in a show called the Marvel Action Hour, which showed an episode of Iron-Man and then an episode of Fantastic Four in one programme. The show only lasted for two seasons although their was some talk of ideas to put into a third season of the Fantastic Four series.

After the release of the 2005 live action Fantastic Four film, episodes from the Fantastic Four animated series were put onto DVD and in 2009, both seasons were put into a DVD box set with two volumes per season.