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The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were a group of mutant terrorists who often fought against the X-Men.


The Brotherhood was first brought together by Mystique and Apocalypse for missions against humanity. The group worked well with each other until they were faced by Ms Marvel. The heroine fought against the group until Rogue used her powers on her and permanently absorbed her powers and a copy of her personality. This mental version of Ms Marvel plagued Rogue constantly, causing her to leave the group and seek aid from Charles Xavier and his X-Men.

The Brotherhood were later captured on Genosha, along with other mutants, but were freed by the X-Men and Cable. The Brotherhood, minus Blob, were later seen on Muir Island, where Mystique was posing as Dr Gottfried Adler, luring in mutants and turning them into slaves of Apocalypse. After Pyro and Avalanche found Rogue in a bar and confronted Cable, the pair decided to kidnap Adler, only to realise that he was Mystique, their team leader, in disguise. The Brotherhood later tried to assassinate Senator Kelly but they were stopped by the X-Men and Bishop, who came from a future where the successful assassination lead to a future ruled by Sentinels. The Brotherhood later fought the X-Men while Mystique was trying to make Rogue come back to her and leave the X-Men.