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Bella Donna is a member of the Assassins Guild of New Orleans and a rival of Gambit.


When they were growing up, Bella Donna and Gambit were romantic partners, even though they came from rival groups, the Assassins and Thieves Guilds. Gambit broke Bella Donna's heart when he left for the X-Men, leaving her with a deep hatred for the mutant.

When Gambit's brother, Robert LeBeau, or Bobby as he is known, was chosen to represent the Thieves Guild and deliver the tithe to the X-Ternal, Bella Donna, now the leader of the Assassins Guild, had Bobby kidnapped. Word of Bobby's disappearance got to Gambit, forcing the mutant to travel back to New Orleans. Gambit met up with Bella Donna again and he found out that she had captured his brother. He told this to the X-Ternal and she stripped Bella Donna of her power as punishment. Bella Donna is then left by Gambit for a second, and final, time.


  • Powers: Energy Blasts, Can Cause A Person Extreme Pain If They Wear A Particular Ring (both due to the X-Ternal's gift)
  • Relatives: Unknown
  • First Appearance: The Final Decision
  • Last Appearance: X-Ternally Yours
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